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We assist you in every aspect of your productions in the Mediterranean area.
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We provide film production and location services for film, television, commercials and corporate video productions, providing comprehensive, turn-key production and location support and help out-of-town and international producers and production companies to prepare and set up their shoot.


New business development and import-export services.
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International Procurement


Research opportunities


EMEA Bridge offers procurement and brokerage service to empower enterprises with tools and practices for the creation of international tenders. Check out all the trading sectors that we cover: for any of them we are able to procure offers from reputable companies, and mediate prices and terms of delivery.

In addition to the trading of products, EMEA Bridge can coonect you with suppliers of specialist services, industrial patents, communication and international marketing agencies, to provide a fulfillment service to customers.


Innovative tools and techniques to build more efficient public administrations.
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Institutional Relations

Transfer of Technology and Skills

ICT Consultancy

Touristic Brand

EMEADEV targets institutional counterparts to find solutions to the problems of development in emerging markets. With the help of experts, scholars and entrepreneurs operating abroad, we create strategies to increase the revenue of foreign exchange and reduce the social costs and environmental effects. We study the main trends of social and economic development of civil society and introduce tools and sustainable technologies at all levels of institutional dialogue.


The complete solution for businesses looking at international markets.

Foreign Operational Assistance

Representative Offices on-site

Research Partners

Brand Localization

MEDILAB is a network of companies and specialized clusters that offer effective solutions to the question of settlement abroad and exploration of international markets. Thanks to on-site mother tongue support and environments designed to offer all the services for entrepreneurs, we assist companies of all sizes in finding local partners, suppliers, dealers and agents, funding and international localization of the brand, product adaptation, interpreting, virtual answering and day office.

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