Company Profile

EMEA Bridge is an international brand with operations in Italy and Tunisia, which cooperates with companies and public institutions, universities and research institutes, liaisons of technology transfer, smart communities, embassies, banks, agencies and professionals in various vertical sectors.

EMEA Bridge operates in international relations among the countries of EMEA region, with the aim to foster economic integration between the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, earning the lasting and sustainable progress, through peace building, social and legal equity, defense of minorities and vulnerable communities.


EMEA Bridge is:

A place of welcome, orientation and simplification for the settlement of the entrepreneurs in the EMEA markets;
Venue and business center in Tunis for permanent promotion of individual enterprises, supply chains, consortia;
Promoter of institutional campaigns and means for the dissemination of knowledge on an international scale;
Developer of programs related to the opportunities of the Multilateral Development Banks in Africa and the Middle East.


EMEA Bridge pursues coordination among enterprises, market and local institutions and the consolidation of relations, through the public information on relevant topics:

Public relations and promotion of best practices for the development in emerging markets;

Design of processes of inclusion, reduction of the social divide and social progress;

Upgrade in the industrial, environmental, tourism, film.


Joining EMEA Bridge drastically reduces difficulties and risks inherent in the settlement of international companies because it allows:

Inclusion high profile in EMEA;

Joining a qualified network;

Shares of localized marketing strategy;

Online visibility in different languages and on different platforms;

On-site services, accompaniment, interpretation, hostesses, day office.